MSOC Bravo

Marine Special Operations Company Bravo

Marine Special Operations Company Bravo is a forward deployed support element which can both provide support for MSOT's and additionally can assist in conducting direct action, reconnaissance, infiltration etc.


Marine Special Operations Team's

Marine Special Operations Team's are forward deployed element's which conducts direct action, reconnaissance, infiltration etc. they are an independent operating force which follows the real world MSOT structure.


Marine Special Activities Aviation Detachment

The Marine Special Activities Aviation Detachment is a fictional unit that was stood up to provide Marine SOF units an aviation detachment made up of aircraft from various squadrons to assist with close air support, insertion/extraction under enemy fire, air reconnaissance and various other tasks.

Unit Offical Operation Footage

Footage of the
Marine Raiders in Action

Operation Sandman highlights

This is footage from an operation conducted this year called Operation Sandman (Mission III), The objective of this operation was to kill or capture an ISIS high valued target who was garrisoned in a well-guarded compound in Diyala, Iraq. This operation was one of our finest operations, in which Marine Raiders eliminated the HVT, 3 T-50 tanks and around 40 enemy foot mobiles in and around the compound while only taking 2 friendly KIA's.

Assessment & Selection

A&S is designed to teach candidates the basics of operating in a Marine Special Operations Team, once A&S is completed by the candidate they are promoted to the rank of Corporal and assigned to an element as either a CSO Candidate or SARC Candidate. This is where the candidate will gather experience in the field during unit operations and begin the Individual Training Course.

Phase 1 of ITC

Phase 1 is where the candidate will train in the basic necessities required of an operator, everything from how to operate Demolitions, how to operate in a patrol setting and specifically how to operate as point man in a patrol, Air Assault, Waterborne Operations and mastering the art of Military Free Fall.

Phase 2 of ITC

Phase 2 builds on phase 1 and introduces the candidate to more reconnaissance specific skills sets ranging from intelligence gathering, photography to Route, MSS & OP Selection.

Phase 3 of ITC

Phase 3 builds on the basic skills of A&S this includes Close Quarters Combat, Military Operations in Urban Terrain and taught how to operate a vehicle in various roles with-in a convoy.

Phase 4 of ITC

Phase 4 is the final phase of ITC, the candidate will be familiarized with enemy weapon systems, given an understanding of what irregular warfare is and how it is utilized in SOF. SERE will be conducted in conjunction with Operation Derna Bridge, which is a classified operation that all candidates must survive in-order to complete ITC. Once ITC is complete the successful candidates will become either qualified CSO’s or SARC’s.

Advanced Training Courses

There are a multitude of advanced training courses that a CSO or Navy SARC can attending such as SNCO School, SOF Level I Sniper School, JTAC School etc.