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*Official unit time is Central Standard Time. All times posted are in the unit standard time unless otherwise indicated.
Welcome to 1st Marine Raider Battalion
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Information regarding MARSOC's capabilities in combat and it's structure.


About the (MARSOC) MILSIM Unit

The 1st Marine Raider Battalion is composed of a membership that is elite in skill, is constantly striving for perfection and our goal is to represent the 1st Marine Raider Battalion to the best of our abilities in and out of the game. We are a unit of close-knit individuals that like to have fun and play Arma in a realistic fashion. Because of this mindset, we are looking for people that share a similar mindset and are committed to bettering themselves within the unit and the MILSIM community as a whole. We also expect a never quit attitude, maturity, professionalism and have the will to take initiative in dynamic situations.

The skills you will be taught in the Marine Special Operations Command may also be utilized in the real world, as what is taught in this unit comes from real life experience and pre-taught knowledge, the current serving personnel within the Marine Special Operations Command MILSIM unit range from soon to be military to active or ex-military personnel, meaning what we teach you comes from real experience.

Candidates will go through a series of courses to make sure that they are ready to take on the challenges the 1st Marine Raider Battalion will come across in-game. These courses will range from battle drills, learning and familiarization with various U.S. and foreign weapon systems, tactical combat casualty care and navigation just to name a few.


United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

MARSOC is a command that covers several United States Marine Corps special operations elements (excluding those remaining Force Recon elements dedicated to USMC ops). MARSOC itself is under the umbrella of SOCOM (Special Operations Command).


MARSOC consists of:


Marine Raider Regiment (MRR)

The MRBs are MARSOC's combat units. MRB operators are trained in direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense and unconventional warfare. MRB Marines that have passed through grueling training pipeline are known as Critical Skills Operators (CSO). Officers are known as Special Operations Officers (SOO).

The Marine Raider Regiment is made up of:

  • 1 x Headquarters Company
  • 3 x Marine Raider Battalions (MRBs)
    • 1st MRB
    • 2nd MRB
    • 3rd MRB

Each MRB contains 4 Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOCs). Each MSOC contains an HQ Element and 4 Marine Special Operations Teams (MSOTs). A 14-man MSOT consists of:

  • HQ Element
    Team Leader (Captain)
    Team Chief (Master Sergeant)
    Operations Sergeant (Gunnery Sergeant)
    Assistant Operations Sergeant (Staff Sergeant)
  • Tactical Element
    Element Leader (Staff Sergeant)
    Assistant Element Leader / Element Member
    Element Member (Sergeant)
    Element Member
    Navy Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC)
  • Tactical Element
    Element Leader (Staff Sergeant)
    Assistant Element Leader / Element Member
    Element Member (Sergeant)
    Element Member
    Navy Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC)

The 1st and 2nd MRBs were initially formed from the corresponding existing 1st and 2nd Force Reconnaissance companies of the Marine Corps. The 3rd MRB was eventually formed from the Marines Special Operations Advisor Group, a previous MARSOC unit, which specialized in foreign internal defense and unconventional warfare operations.

Marine Raider Support Group (MRSG)

MARSOC communications, intelligence, logistics and other support elements

Marine Special Operations School (MSOS)

Training and selection for MARSOC.

MARSOC organization chart
MARSOC organizational chart

Marine Raiders

Note: The Marine Raider Regiment was previously known as the Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR). Marine Raider Battalions were known as Marine Special Operations Battalions (MSOBs). The MSOR and its subordinate units were renamed with the 'Marine Raider' moniker in August 2014, in recognition of the World War 2 unit. The Marine Special Operations Support Group (MSOG) and its subordinate units were also redesignated with the Marine Raider label.

Marine Raiders
Marine Raiders with Marine Special Operations Company Charlie, 1st Marine Raider Battalion.
Photo by Cpl. Steven Fox


  • Direct Action (DA)
  • Special Reconnaissance (SR)
  • Foreign Internal Defense (FID)
  • Unconventional Warfare (UW)
  • Counterterrorism (CT)
  • Information Operations (IO)
  • Security Force Assistance (SFA)

MARSOC - Notable Operations

  • 2007 - present - Operation Enduring Freedom
  • 2007 - present - Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Marines on the MARSOC the Individual Training Course (ITC) pictured on an an exercise.
U.S. DoD photo by Cpl Thomas Provost