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*Official unit time is Central Standard Time. All times posted are in the unit standard time unless otherwise indicated.
Welcome to 1st Marine Raider Battalion
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Policies and Protocol

All marine raiders and persons wishing to enlist must abide by these policies and protocols at all times.


Policies and Protocol


1.1 Fraudulent Enlistment


Any member providing false information in his application to join the unit is guilty of fraudulent enlistment. Should information come to light, that is corroborated, to prove a current member provided false information upon joining the unit, the member shall be discharged. 



1.2 Double-clanning

Any member that is found to have applied to another unit and has been accepted to that unit is guilty of double-clanning. Any member found guilty of double-clanning shall be punished by an automatic dishonorable discharge from the unit. Return to the unit shall be at Command Staff discretion. 



1.3 Unauthorized Absence


Any member failing to show up for scheduled training with or without notice that is found to be doing something other than what was stated in their notification of being absent, if provided; is guilty of Unauthorized Absence. Any member guilty of Unauthorized Absence may be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.4 Disrespect towards Leadership

Any member that behaves with disrespected toward any leadership position, Non-Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Officer will be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.5 Assaulting or Wilfully Disobeying

Any member that assaults a leadership billeted Non-Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Officer, in game or disobeys an order, by action or speech that is in-keeping with the rules and regulations of the unit shall be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.6 Insubordinate Conduct toward Leadership

Any member that is insubordinate, in action or speech, toward a leadership billeted Non-Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Officer shall be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.7 Failure to Obey Order or Regulation

Any member that fails to obey official written orders or regulations as posted by the Command Staff may be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.8 Mutiny or Sedition

Any member with the intent to usurp or override unit authority, refuses to obey orders, or creates a disturbance; in concert with others, is guilty of mutiny and shall be punished by dishonorable discharge from the unit. 


1.9 Espionage

Any member found to be providing unit specific information to any other person or unit, without the effective consent of the Command Staff, is guilty of espionage and shall be punished by dishonorable discharge from the unit. 


1.10 False Statement

Any member found to be giving false statements to include but not limited to; false claims of military service, false statements during investigations, false orders that are claimed to be given by another authority, etc. are guilty of providing a false statement and shall be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.11 Riot or Breach of the Peace

Any member or members that conduct themselves in a debate that has turned into conduct against the good order and discipline of the unit, while in a public place, is guilty of breach of the peace and may be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.12 Provoking Speeches or Gestures

Any member that uses speech or gestures intended to provoke people and not provide valid input or suggestions may be punished by MARSOC Command Staff. 


1.13 Hacking or Manipulating

Any member that uses hacking tools to change the game experience for themselves or others, including spawning in items, vehicles, and anything falling under the term "spawning" will be subject to dishonorable discharge. 



1.14 General Article

Though not specifically mentioned in this section, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline of the unit, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon this unit, by a member of this unit, may be punishable by immediate dishonorable discharge.


1.15 Game Server Rules

Any member breaking game server rules, at any time, shall be subject to formal disciplinary action. These rules are put in place for the enjoyment of MARSOC Realism Unit. Command Staff Investigation will determine the outcome. 


1.16 Failure to adapt

Any member who cannot conform to a MILSIM environment, cannot pass training, or does not show any interest in being a team player, will be asked to discharge from the unit, if no discharge is presented by said person, command staff are free to file a dishonourable discharge at their discretion.


1.17 Failure to train

Member quits in the middle of training or simply does not show up. This is in the event that a candidate misses 2 or more consecutive trainings. This is punishable by immediate dishonorable discharge.


1.18 Obscene media

Posting of links, pictures, video, from any media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Imgur, Instagram, etc. This is not allowed at all. This rule also covers women, naked women, etc. 



1.19 Chat/Private chat

Disrespecting someone via chat in teamspeak, forums, server, or anything related to MARSOC assets will not be accepted and is punishable by immediate dishonourable discharge. 


1.20 Poaching

Will not be tolerated by any clan in/on any asset. Any member from MARSOC caught poaching on any other clans TS or Servers will result in an immediate discharge.


1.21 Desertion

Any member who submits an LOA, ELOA, and is found to be back but does not return from LOA or ELOA status will be discharged for desertion. This differs from AWOL since they had submitted an LOA and advised us when they will be returning. 



1.22 Website Avatars/Display Pictures


Avatars/Display Pictures are to be related to MARSOC, USMC or personal pictures only. Keep all images respectful, professional and inkeeping of the unit.